2 thoughts on “1×12–Wannabe

  1. This was a delightful episode. However! Disappointment! For the second week in a row, I was dismayed to find my name not afforded the exclamation point which is my due for my excellently well-penned review on itunes. & on this, an episode recorded on my country’s National Day of Thanksgiving, which was also almost my birthday! I am trying to be a polite Canadian about this, but O, how it hurts my heart to hear my name read yet again in the even-keeled manner indicating an utter lack of extraordinary punctuation. If you are out of exclamation points, I will accept a question mark.
    Soory to trouble you,


    1. Emmet! I am so sorry! I don’t see your review on iTunes but I will accept that it is my eyes utterly deceiving me! Your exclamation point will be alive and well next episode and I hope you take the exclamation points in this comment as back payment on the ones you have been denied!!!

      (Seriously, wtf, iTunes??? There, some question marks too :P)

      xoxo hannah


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